Spire Refrigeration - Design and Build

Spire Refrigeration - Design and Build

Spire Refrigeration - Design and Build

Often customers will approach us with problems or “sore spots” with their equipment. It may be a piece of equipment that needs constant repair or a section of equipment that is not working optimally for whatever reason, and an upgrade to equipment can help solve this challenge. In these situations we help our customers with upgrades, design/build or new installations.

We enjoy stepping into these trouble-shooting situations where we can help ease a customer’s pain. Through this process we would have a conversation with the customer about the potential options and solutions that may help make everything run more efficiently.

Situations where we can be helpful would include conversations about:

Upgrading to more efficient equipment – so the plant is using less energy for the same processes, thereby saving money for the company.

Replacing equipment at the end of its economic life – there are times when equipment is simply old and worn out. In cases like this the ongoing repairs and maintenance are too costly either from the standpoint of the repair bills, or the cost of downtime to your facility.

We are also able to step into conversations about equipment that did not meet life expectancy to come up with solutions to understand if there was a design flaw or if there is a more efficient way to design the plant for a better result.

New Install

We also have experience on the installation of new equipment in a variety of settings and for various uses. This experience is across HVAC and refrigeration applications, as well as across commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

We have the capability of working with Engineers to design a system that meets the needs of our customer. In a situation such as this, our hands on experience will complement the Engineer in refining what can be done from practical design or cost perspective. Our knowledge of design and install will help guide the conversation towards a real-world implementation of the physical equipment and also the secondary considerations needed (such as electrical, piping, etc). Our hope is to help guide you towards a design that fits the flow and space available, while also making the equipment well-organized for future maintenance and daily work flow within the plant.

For smaller projects, we have the experience and understanding to design and build the equipment ourselves. In this process we will work directly with you to understand your goals for the new equipment and then will design the equipment with those needs and goals in mind.