Spire Refrigeration is backed by years of hands on service in every area. From the team that works on your equipment to the business back end, we have experience to help serve you quickly and efficiently.

Meet our team:

Trevor Street - Spire Refrigeration

Trevor has been a Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanic since 2006. During that time Trevor has worked on a wide range of equipment. His technical and customer service skills have earned him respect across the industry and have developed a loyal customer based, most of whom have been with him for many years. Trevor’s experience in the field has helped him develop strong trouble shooting skills, allowing him to fix issues that many other mechanics cannot diagnose.


Co-owner and Lead Tech
Scott Street - Spire Refrigeration

Scott is a business person at heart and is responsible for the business back end of Spire Refrigeration. In addition to his role at Spire Refrigeration, Scott is a co-owner and the person responsible for the business back end of Summit Pacific Properties and Summit Pacific Investments, companies he co-founded in 2010. Stepping into work with his brother Trevor is a dream come true.


Co-owner and Business Manager
Landon - Spire Refrigeration

Landon has been in the HVAC and Refrigeration industry since 2006 in a variety of different roles and capacities. Landon is passionate, not just as a technician, but a true craftsman, providing top tier customer service. Landon’s passion for HVAC and Refrigeration runs deep, and he enjoys watching videos and reading, to deepen his education in his spare time. Landon is a movie buff and enjoys building computers, as well as quality time with his wife and two daughters.


Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanic
Tyler - Spire Refrigeration

Tyler has been in the Refrigeration industry since 2005 and a journeyman mechanic since 2011. He has a wide variety of experience within the field and a wide range of equipment. When not at work Tyler enjoys spending time with his family, playing hockey and skiing.


Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanic
Ben - Spire Refrigeration

Ben has been in the industry since 2012 and is expecting to get his Red Seal in 2021. Ben has strong technical abilities and has a passion to learn about equipment and how to most efficiently solve issues. In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing and relaxing at the beach.


Refrigeration Apprentice